Friday, 14 January 2011

Tough Love Children Do Better In Life

 Here is the introduction to an article I wrote recently on tough love. Time to polish up your parenting skills?

 What kind of parent are you? Strict? Let them be? I have news for you. If you believe in 'tough love ' parenting, and apply it, then your defiant children or problem kids have a much better chance of growing to be well-adjusted adults. Isn't that every parent's dream?

How do we know that 'tough love' is right? The Millennium Cohort Study, which analysed over 9,000 households in the UK found that with the right mix of 'tough love' (warmth, affection and discipline), that these kids were twice as likely to form better a better character by the age of five, than those kids whose parents were in the unmotivated or 'couldn't care less' category.


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