Thursday, 3 March 2011

Children Lying ?- Strategies For Coping With This

 We all lie and we do it sometimes without thinking.We are determined not to go to that boring dinner party so we tell a lie that we have something else on! It happens all the time and we do it in front of our kids too. The major parenting experts tell us that a fib here or there will not harm anybody.

But hold on a sec ! What if your child is lying all the time and it is becoming pathological?  What if you cannot trust him or her to tell you what happened at school or other issues which have to do with health and safety and what he is doing when you are not at home ?

We can dish out consequences. But first we have to chat to him about mutual trust and tell him that of we cannot trust each other to tell the truth, then mistrust builds up on both sides.  We can give examples.

This is the first of a few strategies we can adopt when we have to deal with children lying. I have written an article on this as well.


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