Thursday, 26 January 2012

Child Behaviour Advice And Solutions To Bullying

Lots of parents need and ask for child behaviour advice when they have to deal with important issues where their child’s safety and that of the home are involved.

They often ask about what is the best way to teach a child on the procedure for not letting strangers into the home. Or they may want to give advice on when their children are offered a lift from someone who may have been drinking. Or they may be worried about ADHD.

We see examples every day in the mall and we think that many modern parents either just do not believe in discipline at all and they just cannot be bothered. Their attitude is one of complete indifference even when things seem to get out of control.

They do not seem to want to know how to deal with kids’ materialistic attitude and also when they preferred the designer labels over the real values such as strength of character, honesty and a strong work ethic.

In seeking solutions to bullying, many parents are shocked to realize that as many of 85% of children are aware of what is going on and they will never intervene.  Bullying can take various forms such as taunting, name calling, cyber bullying and physical abuse. 

But it seems that a very high percentage of kids are  mere bystanders.  There are various techniques that we can teach our kids when this situation arises, two of which are:-

1.    they can befriend the victim and they can show this by moving closer to him or her or by showing some gesture of solidarity.
2.    they can try the technique of distracting the bully by suggesting an alternative activity so that the bullying is temporarily suspended.

The best child behaviour advice in this case is to encourage kids to intervene in one of the ways mentioned above and not to be mere bystanders. This is one of the best ways to start to approach to solutions to bullying.

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