Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Benefits Of Yoga For ADHD Kids

When I tried yoga a few years ago, I found that there were certainly a lot of benefits. It is a well known fact that with the advanced breathing techniques which are correctly applied, you can gain the following benefits:-

·        reduction in stress and anxiety and being less dependent on ADHD meds.
·        less tension
·        relaxed breathing means more oxygen in the brain
·        there is a definite feeling of calm and at the same time mental alertness.
·        forward bends help to deepen breathing
·        relaxation can boost the central nervous system
·        it is well known that the pose and routine of the Sun Salutation can stimulate both sides of the brain which will help with learning.

Now, when experiments with yoga for ADHD children have been tried, they have found that there are many benefits for them too and some relief from common ADHD symptoms. So much so that yoga courses are now offered in some elementary schools. That is a great way to begin a childhood, rather than giving them a new electronic gadget.

We should not be surprised that forward looking educationalists realize the value of yoga.  It is truly a unique combination of learning how to relax the body, stretching major muscle groups and learning to use breathing techniques for maximum benefit.

The ADHD child or adult does not have to be an expert although some practice will be needed to gain maximum results:-

1.      The child can learn to restore the body mind balance which is often out of sync in ADHD
2.      He or she can learn more about self awareness. These two factors alone will help the kids to really focus better.
3.      The brain transmitters are better balanced too and that leads to a better mood and feelings of happiness and contentment
4.      Children who do yoga are found to be less aggressive and violent because the body mind balance is starting to kick in.
5.      Children were also found to be less impulsive, again because of a better balance all round.
6.      Another great advantage was the fact that improved body alignment helped blood circulation which in turn had a knock on effect of higher energy levels.
7.      Even the simplest balancing routine can help ADHD kids to channel their thoughts constructively. Experts are now agreed that this routine can help the brain’s executive function which is often defective in those with ADHD.

As we have seen, there are definite advantages in considering some yoga practice which can tie in very nicely with a comprehensive type of program which may include some form of medication coupled with behavioral training.  It can complement help with learning and support for homework tasks. It should really be just regarded as another tool in the ADHD treatment plan.  

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